Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Haywire or Hayweird?

Ok so I'm an action movie fan. I like big explosions and kick ass stars, so when I saw the trailer for Haywire I was sold. Off to the movie theatre to I go expecting a big boom action film but instead I was slightly confused. It was like I was watching a action film shot by an arthouse director. Very Bizarre.
I didn't hate the film but I was just unsure what I was watching. The fight scenes were great, especially the hotel room one. You can really see that the lead Gina Carrano is a fighter and not just an actor playing a fighter.
One pet peeve was that they cut the soundtrack in the action sequences and for me it kind of dragged me out of the movie. Very arty but not my cup of tea. The soundtrack was pretty awful 70's elevator music throughout, so maybe when the music stopped it was the relief, not the silence that shook me into reality.
I don't know where to classify this film, it has a twisty plot line of a good thriller, brilliant action scenes but then you have the weird arty filming. I'm at a loss.
Lots of stars in this one but mainy bit parts and very underused. Main character was good but she went from being really great in action scenes and over acting in others and oh my god someone please show her how to hold a gun, it was like barbie running around with her hairdryer.
Reading it back it sounds like I didn't enjoy the film but that's not true. It was a good film and worth a watch but not what an action movie fan like me wants to see.
Overall rating 3 stars.

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  1. My son went and saw this the other night. He was pumped up and talked his friends into going to a late showing. When he came home he totally burst my bubble. I was so looking forward to this movie after seeing the trailers, which to me were awesome. When my son came home he was so disappointed in spending his sheckles on the late show for a movie that to him was so very disappointing. Well I guess I will wait for the DVD or TV release :) Thanks for sharing today.


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